Your Guide to Prom Night

This is said to be the one of the most exciting event to all senior high school students. Most of the prom nights happens during Valentine's Day wherein young people dress up, enjoy the entire night – dancing, chatting and partying. Nowadays, changes have been made in organizing the prom night like putting up a live bands or hiring Djs playing their favorite musics and creating a dress code to all attendees. Still, the most popular couples will become Prom “King and Queen” of the Night. One of the most stressful but exciting part on this occasion is finding a perfect outfit.

Young ladies begin the preparation by choosing the perfect gowns or dresses, accessories, and best hairstyle that will surely make them look special and unique. So, how you are going to manage all these stuff? Start by making a list of your choices and make a research about it.

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Below are some tips and advices in choosing the right clothes, shoes, accessories, hairstyles to look beautiful on your Prom Night:

Dress – Thinking of what kind of dress you would like to wear? You can choose from a variety of styles ranging from long gowns or short dresses. Check out the latest fad in gowns available online or on your favorite fashion magazines. You can also consult a couturier to design a personalized gown for you. There are a lot of options to make like you can buy at your favorite dress shop available around the malls or check any online shopping websites. Don't waste time, preparations must be a month before so that you can choose the best style for you and avoid rushing or else you'll be in trouble.

Shoes – Whether you choose a strapped or high heeled sandals, the most important thing is – it should be comfortable to wear. There are a huge selection of shoes to choose from. You can get a strapped sandals but some prefer high-heeled shoes for them to look graceful and elegant. Make an extra effort in choosing different styles, colors and which one is the best for you.

Accessories – This is one of the most difficult thing to do – selecting the right jewelries that can compliment your outfit. This is an evening event so try wearing a simple yet elegant jewelries. Try to select something that you can wear again in the near future. Most of the time, “pearl” is considered as one of the best selection, for you to look more elegant and beautiful. Don't spend much money in buying your accessories, Or try to ask your mother if you can borrow from her precious collection.You can also wear a coat, shawl or wrap if you don't want to be exposed for you to keep warm. Bring along a handbag to keep some of your valuables like handbags, pouches or clutch bags.

Make Up and Hairstyle – Do set an appointment few hours before your prom night. It will more than one hour to fix your hair as well as your make up. Select a professional make up artist and stylist and some make a trial run so that you can choose a perfect style. You can even bring your own make up if you want to use it. For the latest trends on hairstyles check out some fashion magazines or ask your stylist what is best for you.

All you need is time and effort in choosing what is best for you. Make a research first and take a look at your budget. Check out several choices and compare prices available in your place. You don't have to pay too much to look beautiful. Just be yourself and express what you want to do.

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