The Most Popular Searches for Valentine 2012 in Yahoo!

Manila, February 13, 2012 – February is a month associated with love and romance.

Valentine ’s Day symbols of the heart-shaped outlines, doves and the figure of the winged Cupid are evident in the celebration for most people around the world including the Philippines.

Saint Valentine’s Day, commonly shortened to Valentine’s Day now-a-days has become a special occasion for people to express their love not only for their sweethearts, but also for their parents, children and colleagues too!

“Beyond the regular expected searches during Valentine’s Day for gifts, flowers and dining places, Yahoo! Search Trends observed interesting trends related to ‘famous quotes’ and ‘proposals/declaration of love’ by the Filipinos”, said Henryl Moreno, Manager, Editorial for Search & Platforms in Southeast Asia.

Here are the most popular Valentine related search results in Yahoo! Philippines:

1. Valentine ’s Day card: With the growing online trend today, Valentine’s Day ideas are just a click away. Internet users could search the web for ideas to make this year’s Valentine’s Day a magical event. A spike of 145.69% was recorded in Yahoo! Philippines for this category.

2. Valentine’s quotes: Thankfully for the internet, readily available Valentine’s famous love quotes online could save people from racking their brains just to script out that special heartfelt Valentine’s love message. These love quotes could inspire and hopefully, give a boost to kick start what may be difficult for people to pen down in words. Quotes expressed in local Tagalog language seem to be cherished by many Filipinos as a unique and sincere way to express emotions.

3. Valentine’s Day: As the day draws nearer, the search for the meaning of Valentine’s Day seemed to increase on Yahoo!. Filipinos were enthusiastic to find out about the actual origins behind this special day.

4. Roses: Roses harbor deeper meanings of love and beauty. It is also the conventional and safest choice of flowers to present to a loved one. For this Valentine’s Day, Yahoo! Search Trends witnessed an 89.68% increase in searches for roses. With the convenience of Internet, one could easily place orders for bouquets of flowers online that could be delivered to the recipient’s door step on time.

5. Valentine’s Hearts: Last but not least, Valentine’s hearts ranked amongst the Top 5 of Valentine’s Day searches. It is handy for people who wish to personally decorate and design the Valentine’s gift card for their loved one. The Internet provides a plethora of innovative designs that can add a quirky and unique touch to the card for people who wish to DIY or change their desktop to a wallpaper of hearts to simply just dip in the season of love.


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