I voted 2020!

It was my first time to vote as US citizen and I'm excited. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to register and requested a mail-in ballot. We logged in to our county and fill up the application. Weeks later, the ballot was mailed and we voted at home.

We followed the instruction and you should read carefully so that your ballot will be counted and valid. Make sure you only shade once otherwise it will be rejected. The most important thing is when you finished, make sure you signed the sealed envelope. It was an easy task since we're home and we sit down and read everything before voting.

I waited for the early voting schedule since they told that there'll be mail-in ballots machine to drop off your ballots instead of going to the Post Office (well, USPS is just across the building LOL). Then, the ballot will be counted right after the election on the same day. I'm glad its already over and we're just waiting for the official results. I stayed late hours for the past few days that's the reason why I didn't update my blog because I am busy during the day and watching news at night.

It was such a rewarding experience as US citizen. I know people have preferences or differences when it comes to voting but I hope everything will be peaceful and we should help and support each other to fight this pandemic.

Right after we drop off our ballots, we went for grocery shopping since we only go out for essential activity. It was our second time since we go out together since March. I usually go to the store alone, have a list of items I need to buy and go straight home to avoid being exposed outside for a long period of time.

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