Decide whether Working at Home is ideal for you? Attend this Seminar on November 30

Thinking if Working from Home is the great option for you to continue your work career? Have you heard many of your colleagues decided to give up their normal 9-5 working hours outside and transformed a portion of their house into a mini-office with their laptops, celfones and internet connection enabled?

There are things to consider before you finally move on to your new working environment at home. It takes some time and effort to evaluate your decision. Since you are working from home, there will be a huge demand on output or else your work performance will suffer.


Make sure that you have discuss your interest with your family. Set deliverables, schedule, listing down your pros-and-cons is also a good idea. Find more productive during the day and help with households in between free hours.

Also, allow your friends or other members of the family (relatives) about your new home work set up. That means, filtering your calls or declining social invitation during work hours. Also, make sure you log off all social networking sites so that you can avoid chatting or reading timelines :)

Utilities expenses go high, specially you are now consuming 8 hour electricity on your work from home set up. Make sure that you have enough budget to save up if things will not go smoothly.

Change of life. Goodbye work colleagues, rush hours, and pollution!

Other location options that you might enjoy are working in your favorite coffee shop and staycation in your favorite hotel or resort (with internet).

Want to learn more about Work at Home? I encourage you attend this seminar on November 30 and discover some successful stories about managing their life and working from home. Read further details on the poster.


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