Blogapalooza 2013: Make a greater online presence using B2B

If you are just starting your business and doesn't have an online presence and thinking on how to make a greater impact online? Here's how:

How can blog will help your business? You should start creating a site or blog that will bring direct traffic and soon will become your customers. If you have an inhouse writer, then, start creating articles about your business and products or services so that your blog has the latest updates and soon will become powerful tool in communicating with your future customers. One of the best thing in Google is that you can assign an 'Authorship' to your blog, so that you can identify that you owned it making your contents more respectable and reputable online. Thinking of how you can properly Authorized your site? here's how --


Invitations to Bloggers
The next step is inviting other people to write for you. It can be a form of a simple invitation through event launches, seminars or product presentations. Bloggers should have identified according to their niche / category. If you think that these bloggers should match your preference (most companies or agencies have set their own qualifications) - Traffic, Overall Blog Appearance in terms of contents, Relevance of topic posted, and personalization (meaning, they didn't just copy-paste all information but instead gather their own researches and provided their own experience or opinion if they are happy with the result).

B2B like in Blogapalooza that was held last week for example has gather over 400 bloggers to expose themselves and introduce to other businesses. Through this kind of opportunity, business owners can identify which of them are most effective (through post event blog posting) and Bloggers have freedom to select which business they think are deserving to have a space on their blog.

It is also a great experience for bloggers to meet other bloggers and discuss their experiences and knowledge. Through this, everyone has a chance to learn the importance of blogging and increase their online presence.

Each blog posts they write will contain your name, business details and a link back to your site which will increase your website value and possibly get more visitors.

The next step is how you can use Social Media for your business and the power of each bloggers to promote your business.

The use of Social Media is very common in each industries like Facebook or Twitter, and If you don't have any of those - my suggestion is - start creating accounts now and introduce your business to cyberspace. Regular updates will attract new visitors, don't forget that #hastags is commonly use for you to be easily seen online.

Thus, having those 'magic keywords or terms' that will easily identified your business -- is a must. So, brainstorm for ideas with your team and list down those 'magical terms' to use for your day-to-day interactions.

After each blog post, a blogger can easily share his/her story on her FB page or Tweet about what they post. Make sure you have given them some '#hashtags' so that you can search their story.

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I would like to thank Blogapalooza for allowing my friend to attend this event since I am far far away (LOL) and my blog partner got sick few days before the event.

Congratulations for making this event successful, more power!

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