Why you should be happy when people left you in 2013

Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers

Say Goodbye to the old year as we welcome 2014. We met different people in our lives throughout the year, some we thought can stay longer but other chooses to go to the other destination and ignore you completely without any reasons. But seriously, you should be glad why they left you.

1. You can do things that you wanted based on your own perspective. Negative people like them will always contradict your decisions.

2. Learn more opportunities rather than believing with them. You can explore different activities in 2014 and you can still meet new people who share the same passion whether in writing, travel, movies, etc.

3. You will be more independent. You don't need to wait for them to plan for your next weekend hangout. You can freely go out with other friends who are still there for you.

4. No more disappointments, social media wars, etc - Start blocking people who you do not want to follow you in 2014. Rant as much as you wanted but it will be more easier if you unfollow and leave them. The more you complain about them, some will just get some gossips, and you will be more controversial.

5. Move on, Move on and Moving on. Stay positive and always Pray that good things will be rewarded. Forgive them and move on. If you have to see them for some reasons in 2014, just flash a 'smile' you have completely forget them and moving on.

Happy 2014!



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