Chef Lau’s All Time Favorite Filipino Cuisine with a Twist - Guevarra's

My friend Aizelle from the Philippines wrote her buffet experience in Guevarra's. I'm glad that they enjoyed my 'early present' which arrived days before they meet (perfect timing!). I grabbed Joan-ji's photos from her Facebook (photos courtesy from Dhar and uploaded from her Facebook, thanks dear!), the dishes are really mouth-watering, lol. I visited Guevarra's during its press launch, and I highly recommend this place to everyone specially those who love to eat and discover new dishes or not so new but with a fusion.


After receiving our early “Christmas gift” from our very good friend from Chicago, I and three of my girlfriends and a guy friend immediately headed to Chef Laudico Guevarra’s Buffest Restaurant at San Juan to relish the grace of our early “aguinaldo”.

Since it is very accessible from Shaw Boulevard, Edsa, through any public transportation, we arrived at the place in less than 15 minutes through a cab.


For us, it is another one of a kind experience to dine in such a glamorous buffet restaurant primarily because Chef Lau’s restaurant has been known to be a favorite dining spot of celebrity diners, and take note not only Filipino celebrities, even foreign personalities and stars visit the place to experience the resto’s famous Filipino dishes with a twist. In fact, we were able to meet the members of British boy band, the ‘Naked Eyes’. Too bad, we weren’t able to greet them since they were starting to draw attention from a lot of diners inside. Also, the food they serve were said to be a combined creative efforts of several kitchen masters connected to Chef Lau of course.

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The place was an elevated classic bungalow style house apparently converted into a huge dining hall. Its interior and exterior design is mixed with classic and modern style design. It’s amazing how they were able to make its ambience cool and relaxing without compromising elegance. It’s indeed a perfect place for picture taking and ‘selfies’.

Now, let’s move on with the food presentation, as we make our grand entrance to the buffet hall, we were pretty overwhelmed with the long buffet table. Whether you are a dessert lover, Filipino dishes fan, a vegetarian, or a Muslim, you still have a wide option. Even when it comes to salad dressings, dips, and sauces, they have different varieties of their own version to choose from. Of course, since Chef Lau’s resto caters Filipino cuisine with a twist, our traditional ‘kakanin’ is never absent from the menu. They have ‘palitaw’, leche flan, corn maja to name some. They also serve cold desserts like ‘halo-halo’ and the Brazo de Mercedes, which really taste so good. This is what I enjoyed the most. I was even amazed by how they made their Spaghetti alla Puttanesca taste so special using ‘tuyo’. Yes, it’s ‘tuyo’ in lieu of ground pork or beef. Nevertheless, you can’t actually realize that its ‘tuyo’ unless you see the food label.

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Let me just explain why I keep saying that the menus at Chef Lau’s have a twist. This is because, in all their menus, they always find a way to make the dish. I don’t know how they do that, but they are all extraordinary. It really does taste different. I think it’s because they are giving it an extra flavor or ingredients or because they give the dish a whole new version. It’s probably something that only Chef Lau and his team of kitchen masters knew.

Since then, because I have tried and enjoyed my dining experience as well as the thrill of having chances to meet with the stars while at Chef Lau’s, I always recommend it to all my friends who are seeking one of a kind dining experience.






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