Get the Best Online Freebies

As a blogger, we often receive these 'freebies' or 'samples' of different products or services so that we can review or share our experience whether these are effective or how we can recommend it to our readers. But how about receiving online freebies?

When we hear the word "FREE," we immediately click the link or read the details posted on our timeline whether it is a free product, free giveaways, free testing, etc! I know it's really time consuming to browse all these free stuffs online but how we can assure ourselves that these are great deals? no hidden fees? no charges? no commitments? then if there are hesitations, we'll stop looking on the page and close it.


How to score these freebies? Here are some of the tips:

If you are a regular subscriber to an online magazine, they might give you free samples of lotions, perfumes, cosmetics and a lot more. Do always check your inbox regularly so that you won't miss the offer. It's a first-come, first-serve basis.

Also you can save money by printing those online grocery coupons or from the freebies you have received. Make sure you check on those labels included on the freebies.

Be careful to tempting offers, some of them are just 'scams' - they are after your information so be careful in submitting your details. Avoid giving out personal information specially if the website is suspicious. Unless the website is legit, you may check if the site has obtain relevant information about their products otherwise, ignore the offer.

So, if you really wanted to get these free stuffs - you have to exert effort in searching relevant offers in order for you to score good freebies.


Luckily, I received these free stuffs from an online magazine subscription. They only ship free products in selected region in USA and I'm glad that my place is included to receive these awesome goodies. Thank you so much!




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