Cinemajam - Philippines' first outdoor music and movie festival

You don't have to wait for a 'town fiesta' to watch your favorite local artists or waiting for a giant screen installed outside your home. I really hope that there will be more outdoor activities that will generally promote music and movies in one day!

The event was held in Circuit Event Grounds in Makati last November 30. The place is really huge and ideal for outdoor events like this. I first visited this place during Caracol Festival and I was surprised that the venue is very accessible to everyone (both public and private transportation).

Guests were able to enjoy different outdoor activities like skateboarding, soccer, American football, basketball, wall climbing, kite flying and bunjee jumping courtesy of Crizal Transitions distributed exclusively by Essilor Philippines.

Patronizing our own local music featuring Gracenote, Moonstar 88, Itchyworms, Callalily and Bamboo played the crowd's favorite music ended by a festive music treat set by DJ Ace Ramos.

I really wish this will become an annual event that will promote the appreciation of music & movies. Thanks Cinemajam for conceptualizing this kind of event.

Maybe they can organized a Valentine outdoor event next year, this is an ideal date diba?


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