Why you need to renew your domain name before it expires

I almost forgot because of hectic schedule during Christmas holiday that my domain glamourmoments.net is expiring soon. Good thing I was able to manage to pay for its renewal (for one year) and now I can breathe ... whew.

Many blog or website owners forget their domain expiration, it's better to contact your hosting support and check with them on how they can help you in renewing and keeping your domain.

Why? Well, if it reaches the expiration date...then, other people can acquire your domain in an instant. You don't want your own domain to fall from other hands, all your efforts will be gone in an instant!

Don't ignore all email reminders advising you to pay immediately, make sure that you have settle your payments on or before the deadline otherwise once the registration got cancelled, there will be a huge cost (you may bid it on a higher amount) to carry on your part.

It doesn't matter if it is an ecommerce site, blog, personal portfolio - always renew your domain. If you no longer own this, then other user can register it.

Happy Blogging 2013!


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