2013: Celebrating with Champagne and Fireworks

Where did you spent your New Year's Eve? While some went on different New Year countdown parties and concerts singing Auld Lang Syne (hehe), others opted to stay home with their family. I had an amazing New Year celebration with the entire family at EDSA Shang Rila Hotel in Mandaluyong (a good reward for being such a hardworking person-thats me!)

Because I don't want to have another allergy asthma attack during New Year because of heavy smoke outside the streets, I have decided to join Kuya Az, Ashton, Lace and the rest of the gang to welcome the New Year. Now, I have been thinking that I should list down my 'bucketlist of New Year Celebration' ... I am dreaming of celebrating New Year in different ways like like attending New Year Countdown concerts, at the beach, going out of country (Disneyland maybe) or pampering myself in Spa (crazy idea!).

The weather is warm and sunny, so after checking in we took our lunch and enjoy the cool breeze of hotel's swimming pool. The activities we had were quite tiring but we had so much fun. After our early pre-new year dinner, I took a nap inside my room and waited for a couple of hours to welcome 2013.

We were inside the room and watched awesome fireworks in our window. The skies were really bright on that night and smoke free! hehehe!!!! As the midnight approaches everyone is shouting Happy New Year and celebrate it with Champagne, Party Poppers and New Year Cake.

The traditional buffet breakfast at the hotel is one of the best activity I had at the start of 2013 :) afterwards we went back to the pool but it rains and it was very cold!

Wishing everyone a good 2013. Looking forward to celebrate Chinese New Year in February :) paging Kuya Az!




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