Translacion 2013: Feast of the Black Nazarene Documented

Translacion, as described in the Spanish dictionary is about "moving something from one place to another" which a more appropriate word for the feast of Black Nazarene (oftentimes we used the term, procession). As participants to this 'panata' which has been being transfer from our generation is really important because not only you will get involved in this ritual but also a profession of your faith. Through the Black Nazarene's translacion many people are returning a favor (if their wish has been granted), asking for forgiveness, healing and wishing for more blessings and guidance for the entire year.

Our journey started at our meeting point in Isetann Recto, good thing that McDonald's fast food chain is open at that time so I decided to take a breakfast while waiting for my brother. After that, we headed towards Quezon Boulevard wherein the street is filled with people (of all ages) to attend the mass or waiting for the Black Nazarene to arrive.

Business as usual as street vendors occupy the near part of the street selling different items like shirts, handkerchiefs, religious images, foods and drinks. We arrived at 9am and attended the mass, then, we walked towards Manila City Hall (taking the bridge!) since the roads were blocked and the only way to get there is to --- walk. We were thinking were should we watched the 'translacion' but we were hungry and decided to drop by at SM Manila for our lunch at Kungfu Kitchen.


It was my first time at Kungfu Kitchen and my brother take in charge of ordering - Pata tim, for the win! :P I love the ambiance of the restaurant with Kungfu photos displayed on the walls. I will definitely go back to this place and invite our friends to join me.

It was raining when I left the Mall, and Kuya Az decided to take the Lawton exit hoping to get a glimpse of the Black Nazarene (and it was a success!).

If you would like to read his story, visit his the Black Nazarene post here
God Bless Everyone!



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