Induo's Annual Ladies Pampering Event

I was looking for something to do on a weekend when I checked Facebook Events near me and discovered this pampering event held in Chicago Marriot O'Hare which is 20 minutes travel from home via Uber right by Cumberland CTA Blue Line.

I arrived before noon and paid $5 for the entrance fee (the fee is good for two actually!). They also sell raffle tickets which will be draw around 12:30 PM and 2:30 PM (the catch: you should be physically present on the event when your number is called!).

Free services include: hydrating hand treatment and massage, collagen hand treatment with polish, mini makeovers, hair styling, free nail art and massages!

The first thing I did was to signed up for a free massage. It was a 3 minutes free massage but you can add $1 per minute if you want to extend the time. So, I signed up for 10 minutes and paid $7.

I also walked over the booths and talked to the vendors on what they were offering - I was really interested on aromatherapy oils and accessories!

The next I signed up was for free hand collagen treatment with nail polish.

More events coming up so check out Induo Events Facebook Page for events schedule and information


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