My 4 days adventure in Indianapolis + Gen Con 2018

Indianapolis is the capital of state of Indiana. It is approximately 3 hours to 4 hours drive from Chicago (184.1 miles) and less than an hour flight.

My original plan was to take a train or bus going to Indianapolis but unfortunately there's no early schedule in the morning so I've decided to book a flight through American Airlines.

I'm so lucky that I've got a TSA PreCheck, that means I am not removing my shoes and jacket while entering the security check machine.

The flight is less than an hour and what I like in Indianapolis International Airport is their designated pick up terminal for Uber/Lyft users so I headed and follow the signs going through the parking terminal pick up.

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We're staying at Indianapolis Marriott Downtown adjacent to the Indiana Convention Center. My sister and her husband (and friends) were attending Gen Con 2018. I bought Sunday badge for the exhibit hall since I am not a gamer.

Indiana Convention Center is such a huge place. I'm glad there's a Skybridge connected to hotels, establishments and mall. I posted my Gen Con experience to my brother's blog Azrael's Merryland so check that out!

Day 1 - Thursday August 1, arrived Indianapolis
We just walked around the convention center on day 1 and familiarize with the area since we're going to stay here until Sunday. I am looking for easy access on Skybridge so we don't get lost.

I need to pick up my badge since I saw a huge line during the day and Will Call was open 24 hours. I decided to pick up mine around 10pm.

We had a late dinner downstairs of Marriot Indianapolis Downtown - Conner's Kitchen and I ordered Enchilada.

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Day 2 - Friday August 2, free day

We don't have any plans on Friday instead of walking around from the convention center to hotels and finally we went to the mall!

We had our lunch at Osteria Pronto in JW Marriot Hotel and we ordered pizza & pasta.

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Our goal that day is to walk around, eat and relax.

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Day 3 - Saturday August 3, walking around downtown
I decided to go out for a walk in the morning. I started walking towards White River State Park, Indiana State Museum (outside), Eiteljorg Museum (outside), Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Washington Street to Maryland Street and to Circle Centre Mall to buy some lunch!

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I delivered my sister's lunch at Lucas Oil Stadium and went back to our hotel room. I was so exhausted that day!

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Day 4 - Sunday August 4 (exhibits, booth to check out, departing Indianapolis)
I purchased Sunday badge to check out the exhibit and selling booths. The venue is already crowded in the morning and we went back at the hotel to check out. I left Indianapolis around 6pm.

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Bought this Indy's ice cream and it's really good!

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My Gen Con & Indy souvenirs!

I bought shot glasses, shirts and some games :)

Fun facts & discovery about Indy & Gen Con:
1. 4 day event is fun filled with games and exhibitions
2. Even non gamers are welcome because they also offer different events like crafting, dancing, meditating and exercise.
3. Pick up your badge in the evening! If you're staying at the hotel, you can go down and pick you badge. They're open for 24 hours.
4. Schedule and Programming - You need to plan ahead on which event you're going. There are a lot of options to choose from so that you won't get overwhelmed.
5. Check out hotel events - there are also events held in several hotels nearby for Gen Con. Be sure to check that out as well. We missed the puppet show and movie screenings!
6. Wear comfortable clothes & shoes - It is hot outside and you can use Skybridge! Make sure you wear comfy shoes and rest in between walks!
7. Be friendly - always approach nicely when you want to take photos with the cosplayers. They were nice people too!
8. Remember the booth number! I'm glad that I remembered which booth am going!
9. Hydrate - You can bring your own water bottle and refilled in the halls. You can also purchase sodas and juices.
10. Start saving for Gen Con 2019! Visit museums, parks and historical landmarks.


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