How Can Resveratrol Help Women

If we are to compare who has more effort becoming healthier between men and women, the answer would be the latter. Girls, admit it, you are more conscious of the way you look then Adam's race. It is like you always need to stay good looking and young. It is very evident when you go to gyms or drugstores. You will see more women than men. A lot of women are biting to any fast weight loss diet, thinking lie it is their mission to stay fit. Some are also depending on anti-aging creams being sold on many beauty shops. And women behaving like this are applauded by most men. They love them more. And with this discovery of “resveratrol”, ladies who are already informed have probably found a bliss form sweats and exhaustion.

More than fast weight loss and anti aging, resveratrol supplements can do more for women. Researches being found and funded are experiencing major developments. Some even say that the said compound is the greatest discovery of all time, along with antibiotics, and the greatest beneficiary of this are the women.

This resveratrol supplement is believed as very effective for women who have undergone the menopause stage. While you are enjoying your fast weight loss diet, you can also make use of the resveratrol to maintain your hormonal balance. Menopause usually starts at the age of 45. That is the time that women try the Hormone Replacement Therapy. But this therapy has side effects for them. They might get more exposure to breast cancer, strokes, heart attacks or blood clots. But according to an ongoing research, resveratrol supplements increases hormonal activity in the body, with same quality as the HRT, but with no side effects. It also fights post-menopausal bone loss. Through regular intake, form the advice of an expert, resveratrol can also prevent the growth of angiogenesis, blood vessels that cause tumor which can lead to breast cancer.

And speaking of breast cancer, it is another disease where resveratrol supplement is very helpful. Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant. Based on some test-tube studies, resveratrol keeps estrogen from causeing breast cancer. According to another tests done by the University of Nebraska, resveratrol supplements decreases the processing of estrogen into these dangerous compounds. It also blocks interactions between estrogen metabolites and cellular DNA. The newly discovered compound also increases the production of enzymes that destroy estrogen metabolites. This study by the university is done through the use of human breast cells. Although it is not yet full claimed that resveratrol supplements can exactly prevent cancer, it at least has some anticancer effects on the body of a women.

Other research also indicates that resveratrol may also be a potential alternative to conventional HRT for cardioprotection and osteoporosis prevention.

With this, your anti-aging hero can be your ticket to a disease free world. We just need to wait for some more time for it to be redefined. And even if there are many good things that resveratrol supplement brings to women's health, please be advise that you don't have to take in much of it. Somehow, it also have dangers. Your natural fast weight loss diet should still be your first option. Before consuming particular dosage of resveratrol supplement, consult your doctor for sensible advices.


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