Countdown to Chicago's Eclipse 2017

Note: I added the post event update below

Tomorrow, August 21, 2017 at around 11:54am, the biggest event is about to happen when the Moon will start to block Chicago's view of the Sun!

I have seen different eclipses when I was in the Philippines but this time I am so excited because we're going to witness a total solar eclipse! During those times, we used a small basin with water or old X-ray films.

There are viewing areas to see the eclipse: at the Alder Planetarium, Daley Plaza, Southern Illinois University in Carbondale and in Perryville, MO.

We got our free solar eclipse glasses at Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago and there are free outdoor activities like block party and educational talks with experts and Astronomers!

Go to this website for more information about Chicago Solar Eclipse:

Watch the 2017 Solar Eclipse posted by ABC7 Chicago.


Make sure your Solar eclipse glasses were purchased from reputable and accredited vendors. I heard fake solar eclipse glasses were sold online. You can verify from Adler's website if the glasses are safe to use.

There were alternatives to use but make sure you follow the right instructions on how to view the eclipse.


Our office organized a Solar Eclipse viewing party on our rooftop parking garage with free beers!  I used the Solar glasses that my Mom got from Adler Planetarium.  The view was spectacular even though we can only see partial in our area, it was such a memorable event!

I know some places got dark in a couple of minutes but when the moon started to cover the sun, the wind temperature changed from humid to cool breeze. I was also watching the live feed from NASA and I was blown away!!!

It was said on the news that the next eclipse will be on 2024. I hope I can buy a Solar filter on my camera so that I can capture the images.  I know some people tried doing a selfie, I also tried but didn't get a good shot because am scared of burning my phone lens LOL

I also found out that Bonnie Tyler will sing her "anthem" - Total Eclipse of the Heart while on board on a cruise while eclipse is happening.  So I immediately browsed in Facebook and found this clip shared by Time Magazine:

Thank you to our Almighty God for creating the universe!


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