Inside the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum - Springfield, Illinois

This was my second time to visit Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum. I love going back to this place because this museum has a state of the art exhibits and you'll be amaze of its special effects. You'll learn a lot of Lincoln's life story from his childhood, as a political aspirant and when He was elected as the President of the United States.

Upon entering the museum, you'll see a modeled figures of Lincoln family standing at the center of the Plaza. Guests were welcomed by a volunteer asking you if its your first time and She/He will be giving you some initial instructions and recommendations on where to go first like touring the Indiana log cabin, the Blue Room of the White House, Election House and Ford's Theater.

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Inside the museum, you will see a modeled life size installation of Lincoln's life transformation, audio and visual presentations of events during his presidential race, some of his works and speeches were also displayed.

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The next door is a holographic theater, called "Ghost of the Library" (my favorite!) and a movie presentation titled, "Lincoln's eyes."

In Ghosts of the library, a historian talks about the importance of archives and how to preserve them. He was a Civil War soldier who was killed in the battle and revealed the holographic images or ghosts of Lincoln.

The other program was narrated and tells you a story about Lincoln's different emotions and portrayal of his assassination. The movie has special effects with moving and shaking seats, real smokes and loud shots!

Kids can play at the Mrs Lincoln's attic with toys made from woods. Also you'll see "actors" dressed as Abraham and Mary at the center Plaza.

Overall, the museum is a walk-through experience and you'll able to "feel" the dramatic moments of Lincoln's life story.

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum - 112 N 6th St, Springfield, IL 62701

Please check the official website for museum hours and ticket prices

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