What went wrong with Zark's 8th anniversary burger stampede

I am so surprised and shocked when I logged in to my Social Media this morning (US CST time) when I saw photos and videos of huge crowd rushed inside the mall and stormed the Zark's burger chain during their anniversary promo.

I'm like, what's going on?????

— Titan (@_CEREALKILL3R) August 28, 2017

According to their announcement on their Facebook page, it was clearly stated that "FIRST 80 CUSTOMERS" can enjoy their limited offer. I don't think there's a miscommunication on this because it was specifically written on the page about the mechanics:

On our 8th anniversary (August 28, 2017), first 80 customers can avail our Zark's Ultimate Burger for only Php 8!
PROMO Mechanics:
*Strictly for first 80 customers
*Promo available in all branches
*Only One Zark's Ultimate Burger per customer
*No minimum purchase required
*Valid for dine-in only
*First come, first served. Strictly no reservation.
*Valid for cash transactions only, not valid with other promotions and discounts

My insights:

1. People don't know how to read and understand the meaning of "first 80 customers." If you see that huge crowd, are you expecting to get accommodated? If you can read clearly in the poster it was specifically stated who can avail of the promotion. So, please learn to read the mechanics before rushing in.

2. Mall security was not informed properly. I know you need to secure a permit first from the Mall administration if you expect huge amount of people lining up to your store. It looked like the Mall Security didn't know about it and people rushed to the entrance because they told the guard that they are going to the Supermarket (nice alibi) and started to line up in front of the store.

I also noticed most of them tried to get in which was too scary. People pushed each other and run towards Zark's. I also saw valuables were scattered on the floor and minors and elders got hurt.
I know its crazy to watch it but some of them are laughing and just having fun. Seriously?

3. Zark's did not notify the people outside that the promotion has already ended. I think some branch did not pushed through because of a huge turnout and the crowd went wild. They should have create an alternative plan and I think the management did not coordinate with the mall's security. I saw one guard standing trying to calm the people but He had no choice just to watched them. Some establishments got affected too when I saw their booths were being pushed by the crowd (I sense there were looting and stealing).

I hope the Marketing team will learn from this incident (I SUGGEST TO FIRE THE MARKETING TEAM!!!) and  the next time you are planning such kind of lousy gimik, please have a concrete plan and get the mall administration involved and security.

How about you? Are you willing to risk your life to taste a Php 8 ($0.15) burger?

Credits to the Twitter and Facebook users.

 I hope they are doing OK after this incident.


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