Hello Kitty Chocolate Toy Surprise - Mystery Box 1

I went to the mall last Friday to buy some food and I stumbled upon this Hello Kitty choco toy surprise. There are 12 toys hiding in a chocolate coated egg shaped container with 1 mystery toy awaiting inside.

I only bought 1 since I am not into collecting small Hello Kitty stuff, just for curiosity and I don't want to spend much $ on this (FOCUS).

Toys included are small plastic Hello Kitty figures, keychains, and puzzles.


The box inside contains 1 Hello Kitty Egg, so wait until I open the foil to check out what's inside:



Here's what i got! A Hello Kitty small figure. This can be placed on top of your PC desktop monitor. After opening the foil, you have to break the chocolate coated egg to get the toy which was hidden inside of a pink plastic egg. The only disappointment on this was it was too hard to open the plastic egg. Also, for health reasons - you may also thought that this might be dangerous because the plastic egg is coated with chocolate. It may be also a choking hazard for children because it contains small item inside.


Aside from Hello Kitty, there were also Frozen, Disney, SpongeBob, Minions and a lot of different characters. Anyways, Have a blessed Easter to everyone!


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