U2 Innocence + Experience in Chicago - PRE CONCERT UPDATE

Surprise! The moment you have open this post I would be probably preparing myself to experience one of the best concert in my entire history of fan girling and singing "i'll go crazy if i don't go crazy" wahahaha!!!

When I found out that U2 will be performing in Chicago, I am praying that I can score tickets because it's really hard to purchase online with Ticketmaster especially if it's U2! I am eyeing for the first night show but in few minutes --- booom, it was SOLD OUT! Then, it was announced that the band has additional tour dates and extending their show - Applause! So, what I did was to go online and finally - scored a Sunday ticket.


Unfortunately, the available tickets were slowly disappearing online (it keeps on loading until you got nothing!). Upon loading, a seat number was assigned to me in one particular section. I didn't mind how much it cost and or which section I got... I hit the magic button -- PURCHASE!!! Jumping like a kid and printed out my only one ticket to U2IE2015 tour. After a week, the band said they added another tour dates in first week of July...that is pretty awesome, they will be staying in Chicago until July 2!

Sunday, where are you? #Repost @unitedcenter ・・・ Bono belts it out. #U2ieTour

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  My U2 pre-concert to do list:
1. Arrive in the venue 1-2 hours earlier. I know this is crazy even your ticket has assigned seat number, you have to fall in line and know your gate number so that you will not waste your time.
2. Wear comfortable clothes and leave valuables at home. You don't need to bring unnecessary stuff. Just yourself, your phone, wallet (with IDs and Card) and concert ticket. To avoid the hassle from inspecting your bag, use a shoulder bag or body bag and put all your stuff in one area. Remember that this is a concert, Bringing food from outside is also prohibited. Professional cameras are not allowed yey no more siko raising their malapad na gadgets. Just make sure you have read all guidelines before entering the concer venue. Rubber shoes is a must. I always wear rubber shoes wherever I go so that it won't hurt my feet when walking or taking the stairs going to my seating assignment.
3. Souvenirs! I saw a concert shirt souvenir for sale, I should arrive earlier so that I can avoid long lines! Take early dinner or tiis ganda sa hotdog on sale sa venue.

Geared up to see @U2 in Chicago tonight? Get your hands on this exclusive t-shirt only available inside our arena. A photo posted by United Center (@unitedcenter) on

4. A simple throwback of listening to U2 songs. I hope the band will highlights some of their top hits like Beautiful Day, Vertigo, Love or Peace or Else, One, Pride, Sweetest Thing, One Step Closer, Elevation, Numb....many to mention, can't name it all...amnesia attacks!!!

5. Respect people infront and behind you. Don't stand unless we are required to or if you are not blocking the person behind or infront of you. Stay in your seats hahaha. Since higante ang crowd, wag sumiksik with them. The ticket I bought has seat assignment. LOL.

6. Selfie. A must, I will try. Cameras are not allowed. Maybe before the show or at the end of the show. Visit the MJ statue!!!

7. Know the route. I don't drive. Avengers will help me to arrive in the venue and reach home safely.

8. Blog the experience. Document everything. Make it the best concert experience. Share the story. Create memories.

9. Save money for the future events, cases like this it's a once in a lifetime experience. So have fun. Life is too short to enjoy!

10. Get a Amex card. Most advance purchases (preferred cards) only honor Amex. Booooooooooo.

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