Self-Care Summer: 4 Vacation Destinations for the Ultimate Reset

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There’s nothing better than just checking out of life for a while - and checking into a hotel instead. A self-care reset trip is what the doctor ordered to prevent stresses, expectations, and pressures from taking over your life. Summer is coming, we’re finally seeing the last of the pandemic, and it has never been a better time to travel. Here, Glamour Moments shares four perfect cities to travel to for some much-needed pampering.


1.    Los Angeles, California

In the City of Angels, wellness is a way of life. LA has access to the country’s best and most cutting-edge health and self-care practices. From $1,000 facials to hole-in-the-wall acupuncturists that needle the stress out of your body, you’ll find self-care activities galore in this city. In addition, the close proximity to endless beaches, long hikes, and beautiful mountain views make this a great destination to get your dose of nature without leaving the city. If the Los Angeles area is one of your old stomping grounds from yesteryear, why not take the time to connect with old friends while you’re here? Reach out to some old friends living in LA, and maybe catch a Dodgers game together, which you can do on a budget thanks to affordable tickets you can find online.


2.    Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis is the destination for small-town charm in a beautiful setting. The destination offers a whole host of creative classes, including candle-making and pottery. If you’re not the best with your hands, curl up with a good book in one of Memphis’ historic bookstores! Several massages and spa rooms in different parts of the city will be a go-to after some soul-satisfying comfort food. If you’re an architecture buff, there are a lot of Southern historic buildings to look at, scattered across the city. And if you’re looking for something romantic to do with your partner? Why not cruise down the Memphis river under the moonlight on a nighttime cruise?


3.    Honolulu, Hawaii

This one’s a no-brainer. Easy access to beaches, delicious food, and the ever-present aloha spirit makes Honolulu an absolute must on your self-care journey. That’s why many people travel to Honolulu in the first place - so they get a break from the daily grind. But did you know that the destination has its own forms of traditional self-care? For example, Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian massage) will have you feeling tender and relaxed. Kanikapila, on the other hand, involves having a jam sesh to sing your worries away. Check out this fantastic resource by Naturally Aloha for more self-care traditions that originated in these beautiful islands.


4.    Austin, Texas

According to CBS, Austin is one of the most health-conscious cities in the U.S. There is something for everyone here, from unusual fitness classes to spa treatments and meditation programs aplenty. And it isn’t just wellness that’s popular in Austin - the city is known for its weird spirit and close-knit community. In addition, Austin’s job market is booming, with lots of opportunities available in different industries and levels. Thus, it’s also the perfect city to settle down in, if you love it when you visit!

 If you’ve been thinking about taking a trip this summer, this is your sign to do it! You will return to your life feeling relaxed and refreshed, but you’ll also see the benefits translate to your work, personal life, and mental health. It’s time to get exploring!


Kristine Cruz said…
Travel is goal fo us now ☺️ .. Love reading your articles..
Unknown said…
Wow! Beautiful destinatons 😍
Hunter said…
I always try to read this kind of article which gives me information like this. By the way, now I a taking a us west coast tours from san francisco.

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