My PayPal Debit Card is here!

I'm using a PayPal account to purchase online and I transfer all of my rewards like Ebates and Ibotta to PayPal.

Now, you can enroll to get a Paypal Debit Card and can make purchases in-store or online where Mastercard is accepted.

You can also withdraw money using the Paypal debit card from MoneyPass ATMs in the US and add money to your Paypal account any time by check, cash or direct deposit.

The good news is - there is no annual or monthly fees or minimum balance requirement.
To enroll, just login to your Paypal account and you will see a link to enroll a Paypal Cash Card.
Please note that cash card is different from credit card, Paypal is also offering a credit card feature.

Find Moneypass ATM near you:

You can also load cash to your PayPal balance at retail locations like 7 Eleven, CVS, etc with a minimum fee of $3.95
Daily ATM withdrawals daily limits to $400 (just like other regular banks).

For other charges and rates:


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