My Horrible, Unresponsive and Poor Customer Service Experience with RCBC Bankard

It's already September and I haven't receive any updates coming from RCBC Bankard. I sent my inquiry multiple times (May 2015 and June 2015) with regard to my expiring RCBC JCB Bankard (my credit card is expiring in November 2015).
I remembered I also sent an inquiry six months before the expiration date using the old RCBC email and it bounced back.


Early January 2015, I noticed that I am not getting my online statement in my inbox until I went to their (new) website and sent another request to update my password because the system locked my account preventing me to access my online statement.

email january

I have two credit cards from RCBC - JCB Bankard and Mastercard. In 2013, I called them to terminate my cards since I will emigrate to USA. I can't recall the steps they want me to do but I told them I can keep the Mastercard since I can use it abroad while they can terminate the JCB Bankard since it is a local card. I kept waiting for instructions
until I flew, I heard nothing!

[caption id="attachment_10489" align="aligncenter" width="640"]june 4 Last email, and then I never hear back from them.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_10490" align="aligncenter" width="640"]May 18 forwarded They confirm twice about forwarding this to the concerned department.[/caption]

may 2015

In comparison to HSBC, my relationship with them is very smooth. HSBC customer service is one of the best and accommodating. I was able to renew my card - hassle free. I just contacted them through email support and in few days they called me and told me that they will courier my new card in my new home address in the United States.

My last resort few weeks ago was to call the hotline but it kept me on hold for almost 10 minutes! My phone credits (I used Skype to call the hotline) got exhausted and wasted my time waiting for someone to answer.

I am a good credit card holder and I regular pay my bills (on time) through online banking (BDO). Next year, my RCBC Mastercard will expire in April 2016. I want to terminate my cards if possible but the question is, HOW? since the customer service is neglecting my inquiries. Or, I wanted to keep both accounts - still, they are not answering on how am going to receive my new cards. My biggest concern is RCBC will continue to charge me for annual fees. How unfortunate.

If you know someone from RCBC or if you work for RCBC or if you are from RCBC customer service, please respond to my blog as soon as possible or you may reach out to me through "Contact Us form." I don't want to blog about this horrible experience, since you have been ignoring my inquires for the past four months.

How about you? do you have any horrible experience in using your credit card? feel free to share below.

Sincerely yours,
RCBC Bankard JCB & Mastercard account holder


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