Postcard Exchange in Elfster


This is my first time to join this swap project in Elfster. I know it's strange to receive from someone you don't know but I am enjoying receving snail mails or cards from people I know. This project is much different because once you register, Elfster will pair you with someone and our first project is to send a postcard. Since I think we live in the same State (Illinois), I just sent "my secret elfster" a Sanrio sticker card. I know am not good in crafting but that is one good souvenir to send.

To monitor if your "secret elfster" received your postcard/greeting card, just login to Elfster Postcard Exchange page and you'll able to see the alert. All comments were posted on the Elster board so you can read the excitement of all those who participated in this program.

I wish Elfster will pair me to another member who lives in other State so that we can exchange different postcards.

Here's what I received. How about you, when was the last time you received a postcard?

Unfortunately, in the Philippines out of 15 cards I mailed only 3 postcards were received. What happened to the rest of other postcards? PhilPost threw it away?


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