Tracking the Twitter Hashtag #ALDubEBforLOVE

Out of curiosity, I researched some free hashtag Twitter monitoring tools if the count is somehow accurate. There are so many Twitter monitoring tools available online, some are paid and the free ones only capture a minimum audience. I saw these websites and tried logging in if the Twitter Hashtag #ALDubEBforLOVE broke a record (reaching almost 25 Million tweets) as announced yesterday. The closest tracking was from, 23 Millions and ritetag captured the audience impression.


Yesterday, I've read that claiming the Tweets were unreal, manipulated, paid - in short, "bots" or automated. I was surprised when I tracked the hashtag and everyone (including me!) contributed as early as 12 midnight (reaching almost million tweets) and of course expect delay tweets from overseas or those who watched online late .

Organic reach in Twitter is determined by the availability of the users and engagement. So, if there are 25 million tweets recorded - all tweets are delivered accordingly and users may interact through tweet sharing, quoting or mentions. So, what's the point of saying the results were manipulated? Go figure!

Congratulations to Eat Bulaga, Aldub, to all fans and to Twitter for serving the Filipino audience a new platform to express their excitement, reactions, feelings, and support. I hope we can also teach other people how to use Social Media - I heard some only have Facebook. Let us share our knowledge in influencing other people to use Social Media :)

Now my next question is, do you still believe in local TV ratings? If you have comments, reactions, or any recommendation of other Tools you know about tracking the hashtags, let me know so that I can also research and study about them. 

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