On Plagiarism, Stealing, Copying

In the News today:
Photo plagiarist said financial woes made him steal pic

Being Poor is not an excused to steal or plagiarize in order for you to win in a contest. If you are poor and educated, you can think of other ways to earn money - get a part time job in school or any work of your interest. This really saddened me.

And now you are being criticize on what you did. His school should do something, sayang pa naman at he's studying in one reputable University.

Tapos, meron pang copycat dyan somewhere sa tabi-tabi.

Goodness, can't you think of a unique name for your "group"? LOL
(this is a personal blind item).

[caption id="attachment_8245" align="aligncenter" width="384"]I took this photo sa UP pa man din, tsk tsk tsk I saw this signage sa UP pa man din, tsk tsk tsk[/caption]


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