Ekstra - The Bit Player

Loida, is like every 'ekstra' we see on the television or movies. The bit players can be anyone (masa) that will act as (1) a passerby, (2) a maid, (3) party-goer, or (4) that each scenes requires a 'crowd.'


One of the country's bankable actress, Vilma Santos is Loida - a single parent who dreams of becoming a 'superstar' so she accepted each every extra role offered to her.

It was like a real visualization of what's happening behind the scenes, showing bit players in a very unfair situation. Loida's character is a true humble person, her emotions are transparent despite of those selfish filmmakers and producers treated other bit players.

Director Jeffrey Jeturian has done it frame by frame from how bit players were being selected and Loida showed up her skills in order to get a few seconds fame onscreen.

I enjoyed each scenes specially the part when Loida forgot some of her lines because of
nervousness to her excitement that she'll joining her favorite actress in one scene and ended up being replaced by another bit player. For some reasons, she couldn't escape her sadness because she needs money for her daughter's education.

Ekstra is an eye opener to the entertainment industry, making good films or teleserye has no excuse to mistreat common people. I salute those big names who remained humble and grateful on the blessings they have received.
A decade ago, I remembered my younger sister who was offered to do some 'extra' roles in some movies. Later on she got tired because of her school schedule (which she excelled with flying colors) and forget about becoming a celebrity.

Vilma Santos' performance here is excellent! :) I wish she'll be making more films like this one. Experimental and Challenging.

Ekstra - Official Trailer


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