Now You See Me

Three magicians and a mentalist, a super team called "The Four Horsemen" is today's famous illusionists which brought together and perform their greatest act in Las Vegas and planned to rob a local bank in France using their magical techniques.

now you see me

Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson and Dave Franco acted as superheroes in helping the audience to receive amount of money during their magical stint. Amazing!

The movie has a lot of camera spins, lens flares, CGI tricks which also explains how each incidents happened so you have to pay attention with each details and the sequence of events. The plot is too predictable, the FBI guys keep on chasing them. There are minor complications in the middle part wherein you will discover who's the real villain in this story.

Now You See Me uses ordinary magic tricks and styles. The most important is - we are all entertained with those magic tricks. Thanks to high technology :)

Rotten Tomatoes rated Now You See Me with an average of 5.7/10 not that bad! LOL

Official Trailer of Now You See Me


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