Warning for those who runs a Private Blog Network - Google is watching you!

Just got in!

Google is mad once again! Now, after kicking out some spammed sites on Search Engines and detecting unusual link activity on sites - here's another surprise most specially if you are runninga Private Blog Network...Google is now de-indexing some of the private blog networks.

How and Why?
If you have received a notification from Google Webmaster and sent a "thin content" warnings then it's about time for you to panic...


Some niche focused network sites that share and target commercial keywords are now in danger, Google is now killing some if it so you better start cleaning up your mess!

I don't know how to fix those manual think content penalties but I think the best way to do is to focus and write on topics that don't have enough commercial value. If you fall under Google's radar, then, say Goodbye to your network blog and start a new life...




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