Mens Budget Buying: Shopping at #3daysalesmmanila @smcity_manila

Are you a kind of man who usually don't bother wearing something old-school or being frugal when it comes to fashion? There were debates that women have more time to shop because there are plenty of selection from different shops.

Last Saturday, I tag along a friend to shop in SM Manila (it's a 3 day sale weekend!) since he is celebrating his birthday on the 4th; I asked him to choose something he wanted whether a shirt, accessories or anything (our budget: P200-P400). He decided to hunt for shirts, and checked out different clothing brands at SM Department Store. While waiting for him, I saw huge sale on coats, tie, and accessories like belts, wallets and bags.

We spent almost 30 minutes looking for something he wanted. He knows what kind, type, color and which brand to choose. Unlike any other who just strolling around and which huge selections at more than 10 brands inside the department store, you'll be wondering which item you would like to take home.

My shopping agenda: a handbag!!!

My goal that day is to hunt for a new handbag and went to Ladies section. I was looking for a dark colored bag when I found this bag at Heartstrings :) (note: I always look for something cheap for everyday office use).

After long hours of strolling, we decided to eat our late lunch at Hainanese Delights. We love 'unlimited rice' servings!

So, how about you? have you started shopping for Christmas? If I were you, start scouting for interesting items for your loved ones to avoid hassle and panic buying.

A big thank you to SM City Manila for this one of a kind budget shopping experience.





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