Preserving Mankind with Kojie.san Men

How can one preserve the concept of manliness in this modern age of liberal views and cultural influences?

While there came up such a term as "Metrosexual", "alphamale", etc., one cannot deny that the concept of manliness in the physical aspect is still the same as from fifty years back. most women still prefer guys with muscles and exudes manliness compared to effeminate-but-straight ones.

Although a lot of Filipinas go gaga over Korean (and some other Asian) males who, more often that not, look (and dress almost) like girls, there is still a strong number of women (me included) who stick to what is i think is a "normal" look for men - men who look like men. what woman in her right mind would be happy if the guy she's with is far more beautiful and glamorous than she is?

I seriously abhor guys who are more vain than i am. i can't stand it when i discover that a guy friend owns his very own kikay kit in his purse, i mean, man-purse. it would only mean he's gonna spend more time in the mirror than i would, and that he's gonna take up more space in the mirror because he needs to touch up from time to time.

While i don't find it wrong for guys to take care of themselves and enjoy some pampering, i just wish they don't overdo it that they start looking like girls. i don't want a boyfriend whom i could borrow concealer or eyeliner from, because if that's the case, i'd rather hang out with my girl friends.

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