Elton John is coming to the Big Dome - December 8, 2012

Can you feel the love tonight? Oh, am not asking you. It's the official soundtrack of the Disney's film Lion King. So, why am telling you this? Hmmm, well, I was surprised to find out that Elton John is coming to Manila very soon, first time ever! The only artist that has the biggest selling time since 1997, his tribute to the late Diana, Princes of Wales has sold over 37,000,000 copies and raised millions for princess' charities.

His songs were truly inspirational. From his self titled album launched in early 70s until today, Elton John has been making good music and attract music lovers of all ages, even through ASEAN region.

I am looking forward to watch Elton John's performance because I know that his will be one of the major tourism event to happen in our country. Since his collaboration with famous international artists like Billy Joel, Ray Cooper, and many others; Elton has been touring around Europe, Australia and North America.

Can you believe that the 'Rocket Man - The Definite Hits' has 18 classic hit songs, I cannot imagine how Elton John selected over 500 tracks from his all time collection. That was amazing, right? And, I am now thinking which songs he will include on his performance in Manila.

The Rocketman is coming! If you have watched some of his shows on cable TVs or DVDs, then, we are all to witness his superb talent on December 8, 2012 at Smart Araneta Coliseum. Check out http://ticketnet.com.ph/ for ticket prices and reservation.




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