Our DIY Chocolate Fondue


Easy to prepare and very fancy to serve. One of the simplest desserts we can prepare at home, can be serve as an appetizer, entree' or as a dessert! First, you need to purchase a Chocolate Fountain that has removable tray & stainless steel tower that it makes the chocolate flow.


What do you need?
Strawberries, cubes of cakes, bananas, marshmallows, cookies or ladyfingers

How to set up
Cut the strawberries in half, bananas to one inch thick and present your other dippers in the tray.

Preparing your chocolate
Amazingly you can use depending on your taste buds: milk chocolate, dark semi-sweet, white chocolate, butterscotch
Belgian Chocolate is expensive so you'll be using other chocolates available on your local market. Read the manual first on how you can dilute your chocolates perfectly.

Other options include:
Cheese! yes, you can dip grapes, apples, breads, shrimps, crackers and pretzels. Just prepare the cheese by diluting it with white wine and you're good to go!
Barbecue sauce is also good for chicken cubes, beef/steak cubes, pork cubes. Also you need to use wine to dilute the sauce.

So, start preparing this simple treat with your family and friends. Ideal for all occasion.



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