The best part of me 2013 - Part 2

The biggest transformation happened in mid-year of 2013!

This is it! My US Visa got approved last June and booked tickets by the end of July. I also resigned to my two month contract job because I need to prepare my things, gave away some stuffs that I don't need and endorse some of my F4 memorabilia to a friend (I miss them already!).
I am so thankful that my friends helped me to move out things and segregate those garbages I kept for the past several years, oh trash!!!


That was also my last month to attend events. So, I managed to hop in from one event to another. It was really a crazy month with sleepless nights, never ending fixing my things, and transporting my fixtures to the province.

USA, Here are I come!
Yes, you heard it right. I am here right now. After 11 years of waiting for my Immigrant Visa. I am a bit nervous specially in the Immigrant counter. I told myself to keep calm. I shall pass this final gate!


My first destination was in California. My family/relatives prepared a get together and a welcome celebration. It was really fun and memorable experience. Endless chikahan, picturan and drinking.

I went to different places like in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and San Francisco. As a first timer, I really love going back to those places and explore more. It was also a very fortunate event when I met my College friend who is now residing in Las Vegas. Hoping to meet more friends in the coming years.


Time to say Goodbye California (for the meantime) because my final destination is in Chicago! My flight was very tiring. I had to wait for around 2 hours for my connecting flight from Oakland CA to Arizona PHX - Chicago. I felt very sleepy when I arrived early in the morning. Had a good sleep and then we went to Sears Tower in Downtown Chicago.

My family also showed me different attractions in Chicago like the Navy Pier, Millennium Park and Buckingham Fountain which is really gorgeous. My sister and I also visited the Museum of Science and Industry, and it was such a huge museum so we didn't finished touring around inside because there are different attractions.


Early in November, I also got a chance to attend an SEO/SEM convention (SES). I got a 'free' badge so that I can check out different booths and listen to different Internet Marketers. Next time, I'll save more $ so that I can able to attend the private sessions. I really need to learn more about my field because trends keep on changing. Needs to adapt them!

And most of all, I've watched Backstreet Boys for the very last time! I missed the band's US tour and good thing that they have back before the year ends for a couple of Christmas shows. Screeeam!!!


The fourth quarter has been so good. It was my first time to celebrate Thanksgiving and experience the 'Black Friday' madness. I cannot imagine myself hoarding those Hello Kitty stuffs at a very affordable prices. And, White Christmas is no longer a dream. Because it came true. Am now celebrating it with my family.

2013 is such a wonderful year for me. A mixed up of laughter and discouragements. The first quarter of the month was a bit shaky because I got a lot of 'troubles' dealing with 'hard headed' people in the office. Like I said to my former company, it's not my fault if they don't follow the rules as a long as they are doing their job, I'm fine with it. But look on the brighter side when I finally bid goodbye, a greater opportunity came in and I was really blessed because I didn't expect that I'll be moving out by this year (thanks to my visita iglesia last holy week wherein I visited and prayed at 7 different churches in Metro Manila). I am not afraid to try new things. When I told them I'm resigning immediately, I don't have plans of having a new job but a friend of mine referred me to his company and I'm very blessed that things turn out so fast that I should leave them :( That was one of the toughest decision in my history.

I also meet new people in 2013. Though we shared good and bad moments, I shall keep those good memories and will move on. I know there are such thing called priorities and I don't want to pressure people to focus on me and instead, focus on their own goals and work hard on it. I have always 'trust' issues to different people but if you promise something to me - I keep that, and if you broke your promise - don't you dare talk to me again because I am not the kind of person who will trust you again :)

Anyways, I hope everyone had a great new year. I'm going to miss everyone in the Philippines, but hey, don't be sad. There is such thing called, Facebook and Skype. So if you're bored, just message me :)

My wish for 2014 is good health (wish wish wish) and wealth (new career, new life, more money and opportunities!).

I promise to focus more on my spiritual being rather than ranting around for nothing hehe.

God Bless Everyone.


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