Fake Alert: Nothing Mentioned About Got To Believe in Barbie Xu's Certified Weibo Account

I am not a big fan of Got to Believe (but I know some are over kilig with this teleserye).

I stumbled upon this news about Barbie Xu that she asked what is "Got to Believe" because she claimed she received messages from her Weibo account.


I've checked immediately her weibo (which is Barbie is most active using this social media platform, commonly used by Chinese/Taiwanese artists). And NOTHING is mentioned about this topic.

So my question is, Is the Twitter account legit or fake?

barbie omg

Last time, Ken Chu warned his poser to stop using the Twitter account because it was not him. There was a conversation between Ken and Barbie. It came to my attention that assuming her account is being used by fans.

read here: http://f4misyel.blogspot.com/2013/11/fake-accounts-using-f4-members-name.html


So next time before you believe on certain matters, research on it first.

Sigh, many of us believe on this even picked up by news team. boooo!
Article from Yahoo

Unofficial/Unverified Twitter Account

Official Weibo account

(she's mentioning about her latest pregnancy on most posts)


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