My First Fun Encounter at Anime Central Convention 2014 in Chicago

I love attending Anime Conventions because I wanted to see several collectibles like manga, art works, shirts, and exhibits. This was my first Anime event in Chicago similar to attending Toycon when I am in the Philippines (hello Toycon!). Anime Central held at Hyatt Regency O’Hare and Donald E. Stephens Convention Center has been in the Industry for a couple of years showcasing anime, manga and Japanese pop-culture here in Chicago. What made me more interesting is the venue, it's really huge and jampacked with fun filled activities like panel talks, game room, screenings and a lot more.



I downloaded this app via Guidebook and everything you need to know about ACen is accessible through this app. You'll able to see the real time schedule & venue map and you can manage your (3 day) activities without wasting your time. Cool, yeah!


Its 3 day event got me tired and I am not complaining because I was amazed how people love 'anime!' and everyone was wearing their own favorite anime or character costume. There were cosplayers everywhere!

Here's the reacp of our 3 day ACen Experience:

I went with my sister and her husband. We first checked the exhibit hall and it was awesome. Artworks and several goodies were available for sale like shirts, button pins, pillow cases, bags, hair accessories, cosplay costumes, and a lot more! The price ranges from $2 and above! I haven't bought anything yet in Day 1 because I wanted to save my $ for something worth to keep. Until I decided to buy a 'shirt' and ordered a Rorouni Kenshin print (will post it once I receive it!)



I tried this Japanese Samurai Armour. Its really heavy!

Pokemon (panel) in the afternoon:
It was fun seeing Pokemon fanatics in their cute Pokemon costumes!
Sing the Pokemon themesong and judging the fun artworks.

Gotta catch 'em all!

Ultraman (panel) in the afternoon:
Learning the legacy of Ultraman is absolutely an unforgettable experience. I have seen several Ultraman episodes but I am not really familiar who is the first Ultraman.

Thanks for the information.

I am now browsing Ultraman clips online!


Oh wait, my brother owned a 'Ultraman bust figure' ... cool!


Some of the goodies inside the exhibit hall.


Cosplayers are everywhere. period.


Things You Need to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse, it was cool to listen to them and imagine that zombies do really exist and how we are going to survive, hahaha. Where to hide, what to do and how to kill them. Those were the basics and hay, I cannot imagine myself running ... will I survive? hahaha!

Cards Against Humanity: This card game is easy to play. I am not really into playing cards but I learned a lot from how it was being played. According to some websites, a judge will choose a black question or fill in the blank card. And each player who holds a hand of ten cards will contribute and will determine which card is the funniest (card czar). Just like answering a fill in the blanks phrases in Social Networks, lol.

Congratulations to Anime Central. And hoping you'll bring more exciting events, exhibits, anime shows, manga, panel and cosplay.

See you next year.


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