Dear PLDT: I have already disconnected my account!

I was shocked when I received a surprise 'call' from my Smart roaming # and SMS stated that I should settle the remaining balance in PLDT! The fact that I have already sent my termination letter to them through fax days before I left the country.


I called PLDT Support Hotline way back in 2013 before I migrated and asked for the procedure on how to terminate my account because no one will use my landline and PLDT MyDSL account. A customer service representative told me to fax the letter to this number, 8606425 and include a photocopy of any government issued ID.


I fax my letter and it was received according to the transmission receipt.
So, I thought everything was settled until my brother told me that a PLDT bill arrive in my apartment when they were fixing my stuffs.

I was unaware that they have ignored my request of termination and still receive an outstanding balance. (I have already paid in advance before terminating my account!). And now this collecting agency is asking me to pay for it, which is very weird.

I told them that I have requested to terminate my account. PLDT, are you really that stupid for not receiving the letter that i have fax? I'm glad the collecting agency responded immediately and clear my name.


Here are the screenshots of SMS messages.

Naubos load ko sa roaming just to clear my name!

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