Ways to determine a successful social media strategy - My Takeaways

Last April, I attended the Social Media Strategies Summit at Embassy Suites in Chicago showcasing different topics and discussing some comprehensive strategies that will help our business make our campaigns effective.


The power of Social Media grows rapidly and millions of users have been using a lot of Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and a lot more compared with traditional way of promoting or endorsing products and services through magazines, newspapers or flyers.

Since the use of Social Media is 'cost-effective,' our media budget has been utilize properly channeling our promotions to different platforms to attract fans and followers.

The way we deliver our campaigns in 'real time' has been more effective and easily can be reach by our customers like inquiries, feedback or concerns about your services.

Once we have define our goals, we will start to make our objectives and later on monitoring our campaign progress.

Another thing is identifying who are your customers. Make sure that you have research your target marketing according to its location, gender, interests and a lot more factors that need to consider.

Listing down the platforms to use: Do not over utilize the platform available online. You may select the most effective and consider the user's behavior in using the platform. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin and Youtube are highly recommended.

Track your activities by calendar. Create a monthly or weekly theme, define your contents, highlight new products or services, and make a buzz! Avoid over posting the same ideas over and over again.

Follow these simple steps and start building awareness. Always make sure that you engage your audience. Post some questions or let them participate in a conversation.

The next step is how we are going to measure our leads and conversions.



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