Go Wireless at Home with the New PLDT Wi-Fi Modem

With the emergence of digital technology, everybody can access anything online through their work, home and even at the nearest coffee shops and malls! Through internet, expansion of social networks and information are just within your reach. Specially when you're at home, thinking of how you are going share the connection if every members of your family need to go online. The answer is, through SINGLED WIRED BROADBAND CONNECTION!

Yes, it's very true. As the digital lifestyle is ain't really an option, Quoted from PLDT AVP and MyDSL head Gary Dujali.
"It is what life has become. So, it's important for everyone to have unrestricted access to the web at home whenever they want, wherever they want."

Fortunately, this is why PLDT myDSL is launching its newest innovation this November, the new MYDSL WIFI MODEM. Think reliable high-speed connection brought to you by PLDT myDSL that can be shared by the whole family anywhere at home because it's already wifi capable. Its plug-and-play feature makes connecting through the internet quick and easy, plus you won'th have to burden yourself from installing too many devices to your computer. Now, that's real convenience and multi-functionality combined in one powerful gadget.

Sleek, innovative and future ready, the new wifi modem will be available to subscribers of regular myDSL plans 999, 1995 and 3000 by adding 1000. Subscribers of Bundled plans 990 and 1299 can avail themselves of a wifi modem that can accommodate up to four wired and multiple wireless connections by adding 2,200. Good news to these subscribers, they can get the new wifi moden for free when they upgrade their current myDSL plan to 1299 or higher.

It's all about making life current, convenient, and comfortable for everyone in the family - Quoted from Dujali

beyond broadband - that's PLDT myDSL truly live up to their promise of constant innovation.

And I want to take this home, It's perfect! Why should I get one? Simply because, I love surfing the net and I am a loyal subscriber of PLDT myDSL for almost 3 years!


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