I Salute FMCC! - Filipinize the whole World!


FMCC is celebrating their 4th year anniversary, the birth of Urban Patriotism. The exhibit was held at the OuterSpace at The Collective in Malugay St, Makati City.

At first, I didn't know the exact location. But through browsing the map and thorough understanding of the landmarks, fortunately, I was able to search the place with no worries. Honestly, I am really good in following directions but always I get lost when the place am heading to is MAKATI.
The exhibit was full of memories. Tons of photos, album record awards, even toys and comics collectibles were displayed. I was very lucky enough to volunteer to cover the last day of the exhibit. Later in the night, people came in and I was surprised to witness this gathering because it was really different. There were group of young people who were able to perform street dancing, that's awesome! I was able to capture their moves, I'll post the videos separately.

Upon seating in one area at The Collective. I had a small talk with one of the follower and supporter of Francis M. I am amazed to found out that this young girl came from Sapang Palay Bulacan and this was her first time to attend such kind of gathering. She said, this was sort of an EB of all fanatics.

The program started a little bit late and performances was held at the B Side with Ill-J, Nimbus 9, MC Dash, Elmo Magalona and Gloc 9.

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I would like to thank all the organizers who made this event possible. I hope they'll continue to spread the love by patronizing the products of FMCC.

Also Don't forget to check out on Ms. Saab Magalona at www.orangemagazinetv.com


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