The Amazing Race Asia Travels to Legazpi City!

The Amazing Race Asia Travels to Legazpi City!

The Amazing Race Asia’s upcoming Philippines episode this October 21, 2010 (Thursday) 9PM on AXN promises lots of unexpected surprises, and it does not disappoint – as the race travels to Legazpi City – gateway to the Bicol Region’s 8 Wonders of Eco-Tourism led by the majestic Mayon Volcano as backdrop and ending with the 5th pit stop at the island resort of Misibis Bay in Cagraray Island.  This episode promises lots of laughter and wacky moments that will have viewers in stitches, as motormouths and madcap personalities dominate the Race.

For the first time ever, The Amazing Race Asia will showcase its most expensive production yet as Legazpi City and Misibis Bay Resorts plays host in a bid to show the world how beautiful the Bicolandia region is. Viewers will see the detours and challenges shot in picturesque locations such as Lignon Hill, Cagsawa Ruins, Cagraray Island and the Misibis Bay Resorts.
Humour is the name of the game as this episode ups the comedy ante.  Executive Producer, Michael McKay, ended up in tears for laughing too hard during the Race and even during the post-production of the series. “Manas and Sahil from India generate the laughs right from the start, Ethan and Khairie from Malaysia are just naturally funny guys; and the Richards from the Philippines have a very dry sense of humour,” revealed McKay.

Indeed, drama and hilarity ensue this season – look out for chatterboxes who just cannot stop talking, wild party girls with outrageous behaviour, a team who brought along a foldable chair to rest as and when they get the chance to, and self-confessed cry babies who will cry about anything and everything… Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the teams are sure to entertain with their over-the-top antics.  Of course, there are also the regular joes who will warm your hearts with their sincerity and determination.

Expect to see one of the hardest roadblocks ever, exotic and scenic locales, as well as some of the funniest moments in Race history being dished out in this upcoming episode.  Prepare to join these teams on an adventurous and humourous ride as the Amazing Race Asia flies to Legazpi City this Oct 21, Thursday at 9PM exclusively on AXN.


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