World-Class talent, International publicist - Joyce A. Ramirez

Now, you'll never be left behind when it comes to your favorite international tv programs like Lost, Entourage, Hawaii Five-O and many more.

Why? Because, our very own Ms Joyce A. Ramirez is now making waves as an international publicist. You won't believe if I'm going to reveal that she was selected as one of Seattle Best Coffee's 10 Best Customers and included in "A-List: 100 Filipino Luminaries," showcasing the best and brightest Filipino public figures that garnered international achievements.

Currently, she's been helpful to promote The Amazing Race Asia Season 4. I've been told that she's soon hosting her own travel show. Wow, why not?

“I am hesitant because I am vain and not sure if I am telegenic enough to pass my own personal screen test,” she laughs. “There are women who are stick thin in person but looks fat on TV plus I am used to working behind the scenes so the change is quite nerve wracking! So let’s wait and see.”

Incidentally, Joyce is said to have the funniest tweets online so you can now follow her on and see what this world-class lady is up to.

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