Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler Video - True or Viral?

An 82-year old film clip from a Charlie Chaplin movie premiere appeared a woman passing through and talking to someone on a mobile phone? This is now an online sensation and have gone viral.

A film organizer from Belfast, George Clarked claims to have discovered this puzzling visions, Take note that this flick was shot in 1928.

Whether this black and white film is a form of viral or still, many have thought that this device is a 'hearing aid'


A Time Traveller, who really knows?

video source

In reality the picture appears to be of a hearing aid which in the 1920s had the same general shape of cellular phone today, something you held up to your ear rather than the innocuous inserts that elderly people use today. Siemens invented hearing aid devices in the early 20th century. The photo below is their 1910 model which is a storied part of their history. The clumsy hearing aid went through several early revisions including the popular 1920 model.


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