2014 Taste of Chicago. My Delightful Experience.

This is the annual Taste of Chicago, one of the largest food festival celebrated for five days  featuring food stalls/trucks, live music, food tasting, freebies and a lot more activities.


Showcasing Chicago's finest in culinary and variety of foods. Enjoy the wide range of selection of different dishes and a night of concert held at Petrillo Music Shell. How did I get there? Its easy. I took the Blue line and alight at 'Jackson' since it was the shortest distance to walk from the station to the Grant Park.

Food and beverage tickets were sold in ticket strips total of 12 tickets for $8 and you have to double your ticket purchase to enjoy the whole day of tasting different cuisines. I brought a bottle of water with me so the first thing I did was to fall in line to different sponsor booths and play some games. I took home different freebies and enjoyed the free taste specially the Pasta chips, it was really crispy!

Since I don't want to waste my time walking and checking crowdy people ordering foods on each booths, I finally decided what to eat.... Hmmm, Pad Thai!!! since I've been craving for a 'real' Pad Thai. I've read some fantastic reviews about them so I took the chance to order (actually I doubled it since am hungry! lol).

chicago 3 chicago2

I saw some are eating this 'Rainbow' ice cream whatever they called it so I went near Buckingham fountain and took some selfies. Afterwards, I ordered this sampling of 7 different flavors and it was really good!

Then, I still have few tickets on my hand. So I decided to buy a pizza to end Taste of Chicago adventure. Not only that, I stayed a couple of minutes infront of the souvenir booth. Undecided which shirt design to pick, hahaha.

Overall, I had a good time though it was really freaking hot outside.

See you next year!



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