Our new pre-lit Christmas tree 2014


We've ordered the tree online. It's almost Christmas and we're going to set it up. Here are some tips I've learned:

1. Be careful in opening the box. Yes, do not just cut and open it. Since this is a pre-lit, wires might be loosen.
2. Read the manual. There is a piece of paper on how to assemble it. Follow what is written.
3. Check the stand, it should be "X" and lay it flat on the surface.
4. Slowly check the other components of the tree. Each piece has their own numbers (for pre-lit), assemble the tree first and then check out the section of lights it should be either color coded or numbered.
5. Put it together and test the lights after bending the rest of the branches.
6. Start decorating. There is no right / or wrong in decorating your Christmas tree. I didn't follow the "red" motif that was included on the package instead I combined all decors we have at home.

Tadah, the finished product!
Merry Christmas....next is gift wrapping. One of the most crucial part of the season. I hate wrapping. LOL


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