2015 New Year's Resolution for the bloggers

It's the first day of a new year and we are again it's a great time to list down things we accomplished and start targeting our goals for the next 12 months. I'm not going to post "I will lose some weight" as new year's resolution but this post will be concentrated in your career as a blogger.


Why do we need to set goals?
We make mistakes for no reasons, we wanted some changes in our blog like moving to a new domain name, changing layouts, hiring additional workforce as correspondents, and a lot more...the main thing here is what goals we should identify and move towards accomplishing it.

2014 Blog Performance
Have you check your latest traffic report from Google Analytics? If you can analyze which blog post/s brought you visitors, then, you should maintain such kind of genre and to attract more audience, create a list of new streams like making your posts double its traffic for the next year.

Re-design: Layout, Navigation, Logo
If you are planning to redesign your blog, all you have to consider is to back up your previous template and start the migration slowly. If you are the type of love changing logo/s every year, make sure that your logo stands out from the previous one. Or if you would like to add more categories or pages, make sure you have provide enough resources and start working on them immediately.

Social Media - keep it burning!

We heard the issue of buying followers in Instagram and we don't want to be the next victim! Make sure you follow the standards in promoting your campaign in Social Media.

If you're planning to double your followers, likers, connections, etc - review your previous campaigns and analyze what you can share in the future.

Hmmm, if one of your plans is to earn more through blogging in 2015 then all you have to do is to keep your blog updated and organize your campaigns. Make sure you evaluate your monetizing blog platform like Adsense and create a detailed plan on how you can earn double in 2015. It can be improving your blog stories or make use of trend topics that will generate more visitors and convert them into earnings.

Running campaigns or sponsorship
If you are still running a campaign (can be banner advertisement, Facebook Advertising, or sponsored posts), check its expiration date.
Contact your agency if they are renewing the campaigns or confirm with them if they would like to host another campaigns for 2015. Share the good news with your agency on how successful those campaigns you have with them. It's better to reserve a spot with than to wait forever.

Clean up your database
Encountered horrible experiences with the agency or fellow bloggers? Then, it's about time to clean up your database and select those "lucky ones" that are active, supportive and loyal. You don't want to lose a project because another blogger took it from you. Whether it's a healthy competition, practice gratitude and be humble. Triple your patience to those who still not cleared up, afterall, blogging is just another venue of career extension; but as a human being, treat them professionally and rant later :) just kidding.

Any additional goals for 2015? Let us know and share your thoughts on the comment box.

Happy 2015 - the year of blogging and social media!

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