Another debate: Is it SEO's job to create contents? What do you think?

I'm writing this on my own perspective view of different scenarios I've encountered personally as a SEO specialist.

Do you really want to do your job everything? From analyzing the websites, optimizing, building links and Social Media?

Are you a person that excels everything? How do you manage your time?


Honestly, when it comes to content marketing or web writing...I delegate it to my copywriters. I think it is the best idea to delegate the task esp if we are talking about contents, articles or blogs! Why? --- the answer is, why not?

The reason is simple, they are the experts in the writing field. They know how to build contents without re-writing or duplicating topics we found online. They can transform a topic into more interesting story. They are talented. Period. So do not attempt (for all SEOs I know, ahem this is for you), to write because you are just creating a huge mistake in your life.

I admit, I am not a writer. I usually decline writing stuff projects unless it is for blog posting because in personal blogs, we can create our own contents doesn't matter if we are good in grammar as long as we can express our thoughts through words, lol hahaha so if you don't understand what am talking about, simple as are not a superhero.

I love helping people so its better to delegate the task to someone who has better knowledge whether it is SEO, design, programming, generous.

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