I'm here in Los Angeles for the 1st Hello Kitty Convention

It was 3.5 hours trip from Chicago going to Los Angeles. My flight was delayed but we arrived earlier!


According to American Airlines we will be arriving at around 12:40 pm but we landed at 12:35!


My destination today is Little Tokyo. My first mission is to get my badge and check what's inside. I don't have much time inside so i just took some random photos.


Better bring your $$$ coz the goodies inside are expensive. Have a lot of patience coz the line is really long even the penny stretcher had the most number of people. There are exhibits, workshops for everyone, sale goodies, photo gallery and a lot more.


Expect a huge crowd. So wear something comfortable. Hydrate yourself and take a lot of photos for souvenirs.

I got some to buy list but i cant think which one to buy first. I want something worth memorable. Hmmm.


See you tomorrow. Its Day 2. Hello Kitty rules!


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