My PayPal Debit Card

Long time ago I got a hard time in withdrawing my money through PayPal. There are a lot of process to complete in order for your account to get verified and enjoy the privilege of using this payment system.

During my first year of using PayPal, I have to scanned some of my valid documents that includes my government issued ID with complete details written on the card like date of birth, address and your full name. We were happy when some banks offered its service to Paypal, wherein we can connect our account and deposit our earnings (with certain fee of course during the transfer).

As I migrated, things changed...I was able to force to shutdown my first PayPal account since my address won't be valid and I won't be able to use my account in some of my transactions and PayPal suggested to create a new one. The bank account connected to it also got terminated because I can't remembered my password (my UnionBank eon card got expired too!). So, its pretty useless.


I've been doing some online paid campaigns and using PayPal as my gateway because I'm too tired of entering my credit card details, LOL. Since I am still using my Mastercard (credit card) to some of my transactions online, I decided to research about PayPal's debit card. I should start saving those earnings again and keep it.

The steps to register is so easy. I think it just took me 10 minutes and after sending my information on their website, it said that the card will be process and on its way.


After a week, I received my PayPal debit card! I haven't activated yet because my new account is empty.

I need to reload my card after activation so I just decided to keep it for a while, hehe.

There are certain fees when doing transactions when you use your PayPal debit card. So be aware of the terms and conditions, make sure you read carefully before doing transactions or withdrawing your money.

What I'm trying to say is, again, I enjoyed the convenience in applying for my card. I kept on saying the word "convenience" because I didn't have to go to the bank personally to apply for it.

How about you? When did you start using PayPal? and how did you manage your funds?

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