Brands you love, blog and share it at #Blogapalooza 2014

You often hear the word, "blog" which means publishing a content online whether it is a context, image or video with tons of areas of topics whether it is for pleasure, business, food or travel. Each individual has their own preferred online platform to publish their own stories and different opinions in various issues like current events, entertainments, brands they trust or products they used.

If you are not yet into this "blogging" trend, I highly recommend that you start building your own brand online. If you manages to post a status in Facebook (almost everyday) or into Tweeting, then, you are now building an online presence! If you share a brand you love most and dine in a classy restaurant ... after Instagram(ming) your food, and your friends asked you how do you like the food or service, you're probably not aware that you're starting to build an online reputation for any brand or service you have endorsed.


In blogging, you have to list down all your objectives so that your content have a good sense of direction. In most cases, we rely on the information we gathered through press releases, brochures or posters but you must add your "personal" touch on each topics.

If you have enjoyed the product they gave away, then, blog about why you're happy using it. Make sure you are consistent on topics that will fit the product so that it can be appealing to the audience. Create your own story and use a good headline, avoid some general terms like my experience, or I was invited to... make your post attractive and catchy to your reader. After posting on your blog. It's time to share it to all of your Social Media account. Sometimes, when you shared your post online, most of your friends will only read the title! So, be resourceful in creating your own topics. As much as possible -- BE UNIQUE and CONTROVERSIAL.

On October 11, 2014 - Saturday, over 700 bloggers are attending this year's Blogapalooza - a B2B event wherein brands will communicate to the bloggers and the bloggers' mission is to provide a good review or content about their product or service. As a blogger, it is your time to shine and make sure you will create good, catchy and unique contents...I think most creative posts will be receiving recognitions or prizes. So, listen to the brand speakers or representative and take note of those important details.

Enjoy Blogging!!!

See you on Saturday - from Glamour Moments

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